Thursday, December 27, 2012

SportArbs debit card coming?

After yet another agonising 3 months wait since I paid the card delivery fee as advised by SA, we have finally had contact from them again. Several members have reported receiving the below email: Hello, We are happy to inform you that on 20 December we started distributing SportArbs debit cards. We plan to send out all cards till 1 March, 2013. The envelope with your card will also contain an instruction on its activation and access to the new panel of your investment management. Best regards, Maybe 2013 will be our year! Commiserations to those members who didn't consider the risk worthwhile, and failed to pay the delivery fee on time. Admittedly, the money is not in my bank yet, but at least there is good news for a change. Not too late to take advantage of this business, despite all the setbacks for us long-term members. The program is open to new membership, and I have it on good authority that they are paying new members. Deposits via Liberty Reserve only. Take a look here: SportArbs Happy Investing, Phil(aussiegold)