Saturday, March 26, 2016

3 years later, I am close to passive income!

Can't believe it's been three years since I last posted to this blog. My elusive search for a passive income program was abandoned way back in March 2013. Later that year I found something I could truly be passionate about, and I haven't looked back since! Unlike every other program mentioned in my previous posts, the company I am now focused with is here for the long haul. KaratBars is 6 years strong, with a flawless performance of on-time payments and prompt product delivery across 120 countries. Because I have now found a company that I can trust for my future financial security, I am well on my way to achieving that elusive dream of passive income! By putting in the effort now to build a solid team with a solid company, my future is assured. The KaratBars product cannot be improved on....there will never be 25 carat gold! Not only am I building my future income with the KaratBars business, but I am also saving for the future by purchasing their 999.9 pure, gold bullion bars. This is my savings plan. You see, gold is real money, and historically has held its purchasing power, making it the perfect hedge against inflation. Our fiat paper currencies have zero stored value, and are subject to devaluation every time our govts print more of it. The 1gm, 2.5gm and 5gm bars available from KaratBars are the ideal way for anybody to begin saving in gold. Buy as little or as much as you want, anytime. There is no pressure, and certainly no minimum purchase requirements with KaratBars. Why not open a free, no obligation savings plan account today, and explore the possibilities. Join as an affiliate (also free) if you want to truly secure your financial future with me. Get your free acct here: More info here: Respond to this post if you have questions. Thanks, Phil.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

SportArbs Debit Card.....a non-event

Well, March 1st has been and gone, and still not a single report of any member having received the promised debit card. This merely confirms many members suspicions that we have been fed lies and bs all along. The really annoying thing is that the site is still active and accepting new members, and presumably more new money. Time to write this one off and move on. There are current paying programs out there that may allow you to recover any losses in SportArbs.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

SportArbs debit card coming?

After yet another agonising 3 months wait since I paid the card delivery fee as advised by SA, we have finally had contact from them again. Several members have reported receiving the below email: Hello, We are happy to inform you that on 20 December we started distributing SportArbs debit cards. We plan to send out all cards till 1 March, 2013. The envelope with your card will also contain an instruction on its activation and access to the new panel of your investment management. Best regards, Maybe 2013 will be our year! Commiserations to those members who didn't consider the risk worthwhile, and failed to pay the delivery fee on time. Admittedly, the money is not in my bank yet, but at least there is good news for a change. Not too late to take advantage of this business, despite all the setbacks for us long-term members. The program is open to new membership, and I have it on good authority that they are paying new members. Deposits via Liberty Reserve only. Take a look here: SportArbs Happy Investing, Phil(aussiegold)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

SportArbs Debit Card.....this time??

Been some unexpected developments with SportArbs this last month, with news that a debit card may finally become a reality. After submitting my id documents some 20 months ago, they have at last been approved! Only catch is, there is a nominal fee for delivery. I have been advised that my cost (to Australia) is $34.80, payable only with Liberty Reserve. Not my favourite ecurrency, but I am making the effort to get some funds added and make the required payment. With a current balance in excess of $176k, I feel it is worth the risk! Still 5-6 weeks before anyone will really know for sure, as that is their advised delivery schedule. Been waiting over 3 years.....what's another 2 months?! Stay tuned.....the world will certainly know if this one finally comes good.
Safe investing, Aussiegold.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Capitol Gaming Trading House- how it doesn't work!

CapitolGaming....another failed venture! Fact is, the trading house was never going to generate the promised returns while the whole operation was so poorly managed. It appears the only funds available to develop the concept of CG, was the member contributions being collected. For more info on those behind this failure, please visit MyComputerSaysIamRich Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

SportArbs 2012.....still no debit card!

I checked my stats for this site earlier today, and noticed I am still getting SE traffic from visitors looking for current information on SportArbs. I therefore feel it is my duty to present the facts. 1) It has now been over 12 months since I applied for my debit card. Nothing! 2) It has now been almost 2 years since withdrawals were "disabled", pending the issue of debit cards. Despite that, there is "client feedback" on the site, which would indicate to unsuspecting visitors that payments are happening. Let me assure you, NO WITHDRAWALS have been processed since April 2010. 3)The site is still working, and will accept deposits. Please DO NOT be tempted! 4)The last admin update was posted in July 2011. Since that time I have sent several emails to "customer support" with no response. They used to be very prompt in responding to support issues, but now they don't bother. 5)My current active deposits total $87,362.70 with an available (withdrawable?) balance of $10,387.13. Daily interest is still accruing on active deposits. Anyone want to make me an offer for control of this account? Passive income really is becoming hard to find these days:-) If you are prepared to do a little "work" for your money, please explore the links to the left. Stay blessed, Phil(aussiegold) Skype me at: its2ezy with any questions, or add a response.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time for a Fresh Start

The start of the New Year is as good an excuse as any to start afresh. My "new direction" of early September proved to be yet another dead end! I won't go into details here about PropertyWikia, apart from the lesson learned there was that the scammers are getting extremely clever. That very "busy" site had many of us fooled! So, where to in the New Year? I am thinking that the truly passive income is an elusive dream online. Have been caught with a couple recently that promised "no sponsoring required". Gotta wonder why everybody is busy promoting them, if that truly is the case. Time to bail out of a few safelists etc, and get focused on what it really takes to build an income online. I have started with a few recommendations from a good friend, and am determined to do what is necessary in the new year to get some sort of ROI from each of those programs. Shouldn't be too difficult, as each program has mass appeal, and cost from just $15 to $30. Earnings are only limited by my efforts. Please see the links to the left for details of these programs. Have a blessed and prosperous 2012....I intend to!!