Saturday, December 31, 2011

Time for a Fresh Start

The start of the New Year is as good an excuse as any to start afresh. My "new direction" of early September proved to be yet another dead end! I won't go into details here about PropertyWikia, apart from the lesson learned there was that the scammers are getting extremely clever. That very "busy" site had many of us fooled! So, where to in the New Year? I am thinking that the truly passive income is an elusive dream online. Have been caught with a couple recently that promised "no sponsoring required". Gotta wonder why everybody is busy promoting them, if that truly is the case. Time to bail out of a few safelists etc, and get focused on what it really takes to build an income online. I have started with a few recommendations from a good friend, and am determined to do what is necessary in the new year to get some sort of ROI from each of those programs. Shouldn't be too difficult, as each program has mass appeal, and cost from just $15 to $30. Earnings are only limited by my efforts. Please see the links to the left for details of these programs. Have a blessed and prosperous 2012....I intend to!!

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