Sunday, September 25, 2011

My new direction......PropertyWikia

I was expecting to post here last Sunday, with good news of yet another successful withdrawal from Primfix. After having my 15 day and 30 day plans profit paid out within minutes of requesting, I was optimistic about receiving the profits from my 45 day investment. Sadly, that hasn't happened. It seems once again my withdrawal request is the catalyst for a programs demise! Can't believe I have so much influence :-)

Lots of talk on their forum and FB page, but mostly negativity, and definitely no updates from admin to inform members of the situation. It is claimed Alertpay caused the problems, but we've all heard those excuses before......

For me personally, I think it is time to give this HYIP arena a miss. I am yet to find a genuine "investment" program online. If you have one you know is for real, feel free to let me know.

Anyone who is feeling the same way, and wants to take control of their own financial situation, I invite you to check out the opportunity available at PropertyWikia. It is not money for will have to work at this one, but if you feel you have the ability to give away a free service to homeowners, specifically those selling their home, then do yourself a favor and check it out. After two weeks of intensive research into this business, I am convinced they are the real deal. PropertyWikia, set to become the facebook of real estate. Will you be a part of it? Skype me to chat about this exciting oportunity. Id:its2ezy.

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