Saturday, March 26, 2016

3 years later, I am close to passive income!

Can't believe it's been three years since I last posted to this blog. My elusive search for a passive income program was abandoned way back in March 2013. Later that year I found something I could truly be passionate about, and I haven't looked back since! Unlike every other program mentioned in my previous posts, the company I am now focused with is here for the long haul. KaratBars is 6 years strong, with a flawless performance of on-time payments and prompt product delivery across 120 countries. Because I have now found a company that I can trust for my future financial security, I am well on my way to achieving that elusive dream of passive income! By putting in the effort now to build a solid team with a solid company, my future is assured. The KaratBars product cannot be improved on....there will never be 25 carat gold! Not only am I building my future income with the KaratBars business, but I am also saving for the future by purchasing their 999.9 pure, gold bullion bars. This is my savings plan. You see, gold is real money, and historically has held its purchasing power, making it the perfect hedge against inflation. Our fiat paper currencies have zero stored value, and are subject to devaluation every time our govts print more of it. The 1gm, 2.5gm and 5gm bars available from KaratBars are the ideal way for anybody to begin saving in gold. Buy as little or as much as you want, anytime. There is no pressure, and certainly no minimum purchase requirements with KaratBars. Why not open a free, no obligation savings plan account today, and explore the possibilities. Join as an affiliate (also free) if you want to truly secure your financial future with me. Get your free acct here: More info here: Respond to this post if you have questions. Thanks, Phil.

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