Thursday, June 25, 2009

What qualifies as a passive program?

As mentioned in my first post, a classic example of a passive income generator is your local bank. We all know what they do with our deposited funds to generate an income.
The business model is sound, so we have little hesitation in depositing our hard-earned money with them. But what about online programs? These are a few things to consider when evaluating any online passive income program.

1) Is the business model viable.

2) Are the returns realistic, considering the business model used.

3) Is it sustainable long-term.

4) Is the company itself legitimate.

5) What is the risk-reward ratio.

6) Is it truly passive, or is some participation required.

7) Are deposited funds safe.

8) What is the procedure for participation (deposit/withdraw options).

I will discuss these 8 major points in relation to each program I am involved in, so you will know exactly how I came to make that major decision to deposit my funds.

Stay tuned!

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