Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Arbitrage Wagering Pool

I have been evaluating this program for about a month now, and have decided to take the plunge with a test spend of $50.

Although I am convinced that the business model is sound, there are a few peculiarities about this program that intrigue me. These are things that you, as a potential investor, need to be made aware of.

Firstly, deposits here are only current for 6 weeks (42 days). Principal is not returned at the maturity date. For this reason, it is essential to understand compounding interest.

With a projected average daily earning of 2.1% (7 days/week) you will be sorely disappointed if you fail to select a high compounding rate. 100% is recommended.
Without compounding your return would be just $88.20 from a $100 investment! Remember, your principal is not returned. Why SportArbs allows this option is beyond me.

So, set compounding at 100% and the results are quite reasonable. According to their calculator on site, which works on the last 42 days actual return, $100 would gross a return of $137.64. Subtract your principal and you have a net profit of 37%+ in six weeks, which is certainly better than my bank!

This is a similar return to what GNI offers, and I feel is an option worth considering to diversify your protfolio. Feel free to open a no-obligation account, and perhaps make a deposit when you are familiar with the system.

SportArbs International Corp.

Update on SportArbs- Aug 18.

Some major web upgrades were implemented this week, mostly related to increased member security. This sort of thing helps boost my confidence in the legitimacy of the program.

Also changes to the referral system, which is now simply one level, a change from the previous 3. Another good move! A new plan is also being introduced, where investors can lodge funds for 210 days, an addition to the current 42 day plan. A higher percentage is offered, depending on the amount invested. Definitely worth a second look.

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