Friday, September 25, 2009

Result from SportArbs Intl

My test spend at SportArbs matured on Sept 23. On checking my transactions, I noticed I was paid on 43 days, not 42. Not going to complain! Nett return was 45.8%.

Once my earnings were credited to my account, I had the opportunity to test the withdraw function. Disappointing to find a 1% fee is charged on withdrawals, minimum fee $3.00. On that basis, I would not recommend investing less than $100, unless you are happy to roll over for another 6 weeks.

After this 6 week trial, I now consider this program a safe, conservative investment vehicle, but still not in the league of GoldNuggetInvest.

Speaking of GNI, I successfully requested my 1st bank wire withdrawal this week. Will update here as soon as it hits my Aussie bank account.

Genius Funds continues to perform flawlessly, with automatic weekly compounding. Funds are tied up for a bit longer here, but the results are impressive! Click that blue banner on the left for details.

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