Sunday, December 20, 2009

Update on Arbitrage Wagering Pools

Arbitrage wagering on sports events continues to be the big winner, bringing regular, risk-free passive income. Adding your funds to a recognised wagering pool is the only way to make this truly passive. Doing it yourself is not only time-consuming, but requires a greater commitment of funds than the minimum required to pool.

My best performer is still GoldNuggetInvest, now contributing $300 weekly to my income. It is one of a handful of quality programs that allow weekly withdrawals of profits earned. This program has helped me greatly, leading up to Christmas. I will continue compounding in the New Year.

If you are considering this one, I would get involved soon. The team at GNI are fast approaching the level of funding they feel is the maximum they are comfortable trading. When that happens, the program may well be closed to new members,and I have been advised that compounding will no longer be an option. That is expected to happen within 3 months, so my recommendation is jump in now, if you have $500+. Anything less and you won't have time to compound to a worthwhile amount. There are other quality programs not in the same situation for those of you with a smaller budget. SportArbs Intl. is one of them.

SportArbs is also doing well for me, but on a smaller scale. Averaging 40% every 6 weeks, so my small initial capital is increasing nicely. Be sure to set your deposit to 100% compounding for maximum benefit. Less than 80% compounding and you will not return a profit, as this company does not return your principal.

Genius Funds is another totally passive program that continues to perform, week after week. Averaging 6.2% weekly here, and my fund is fast approaching the next level ($500) which earns slightly more per week. Your principal is committed for a bit longer here, but the results are well worth it, especially if you don't need profits weekly. That is an option, but regular compounding makes a huge difference . Nice to know you have the option to take some funds when you need to.

I have another promising program I am trialling now. More on that one in my next update. Meanwhile, have a fantastic Christmas, and a very prosperous New Year!

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