Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The great PTVPartner Deception

The sudden disappearance of PTVPartners yesterday came as no surprise to some who have played this game for some time. To others it was a complete shock, and a bitter disappointment yet again. One elderly gentleman, driven to desperation by his situation, posted on a popular forum his intention to take his own life, and that of his wife. Such is the depth of despair some experience when their trust is broken in such a deceptive way. A sharp reminder that God is our provider, and putting such trust in mere men always leads to disappointment.

I will add more here as to the hows and whys of this debacle unfold. Suffice to say, treat any program listed on this site as having the potential to disappear just as quick. Enter this minefield at your own risk, and be prepared for some losses.......they will come!

More soon.

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