Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sole Survivor.......SportArbs International

Since my last post here back in April '10 I have been pretty disillusioned with the whole HYIP arena. My dream of truly passive online income had been shattered by the demise of my key programs, and the rapid disappearance of all those that I had been evaluating. One, however, has stood the test of time and is still operating succesfully.

It continually surprises and delights me every time I click on the SportArbs website from my favourites, and the site appears in my browser!  No need to delete that one, like so many others I have during the last 12 months. Although SportArbs has had their share of problems, they have continued to maintain a quality site, and operate their program successfully, while keeping members updated. These updates have been infrequent at best, and not always what members wanted to hear, but the end result has been a continuation of the investment strategy as planned.

Many members had given up on this one due to the fact that withdrawals were stopped last April. Understandable I know, but while the site was still active, I maintained some faith that things would improve. After all, what did I have to lose? I couldn't withdraw my funds, so why not reinvest them at every opportunity, and watch my balance grow? One of my refs decided not to, and his $2300 has sat idle in his account since last July! I have continued to reinvest every 42 days, and my current active deposits now total over $4500. Not bad from an initial deposit of just $10, plus $140 in ref commissions!

So what, you say. It means nothing until you can actually withdraw funds successfully. I totally agree, and that is why the recent site upgrade is so exciting! Members now have a link in their control panel to order the SportArbs MasterCard, which is the ONLY method of withdrawing funds from the program. There is also an information link on the main page, headed "Debit Card". The introduction of the card is something that had been discussed in the updates over the last 6 months. Originally it was stated that the card would cost $100 plus delivery. It is now issued free to members with an active balance of $500 or more. I have submitted my application for the card and am awaiting confirmation that my documents are satisfactory. I will update here as soon as there is progress in that area.

If you previously opened an account with SportArbs, I would strongly recommend you take another look. I'm not sure whether the ref program is operational again yet, as some changes were hinted at in one of the updates, but please check out SportArbs today if you have any faith left at all  in the potential of online HYIPs.

Happy Investing!

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